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The CCNSG Leading a Team Safely course is aimed at individuals who in the course of their work Manage or Supervise other members of staff. It is an additional course that is meant to supplement the CCNSG National Safety Passport.

The course builds on knowledge obtaining from the CCNSG National Safety Passport. It's a course that focuses heavily on the practicalities of safe working and is ideal for people who up until now have had little formal training in the management of Health and Safety.

CCNSG Leading a Team Safely is a one day workshop designed to provide an essential introduction to managing small teams within the context of Health and Safety in the Engineering Construction Industry.


CCNSG National Safety Passport


The course is based around the concept of ‘The Good Job’ and structured into four elements:

• The Team • The Plan

• The Job • Good Job

The workshop covers a number of key topics including:

• How to communicate successfully • How to lead a team successfully

• How to achieve safe outcomes • Self-management

• How to work safely with others


Site Managers and Supervisors often set the culture in a workplace and they, more than anyone else on site, play a huge role in ensuring that a team work safely and compliantly.

The course enables Team Leaders to positively influence the behavior of other employees and communicate safe working practices to more junior staff and ultimately; enables Team Leaders as enforcers of your company's Health and Safety Policy and Management System.


2 Multiple Choice Exams (20 Questions per Exam)


3 years

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