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Auth Body Image HABC Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Customer Services

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Vocational (NVQs)


This qualification provides learners with the appropriate skills to Manage Customer Service within an organsition. It is uitable for Candidates who hold supervisory and Managerial Roles where they are responsible for maintaining a positive customer experience.

The course is delivered flexibily thorugh distance learning and on-site visits where your Assessor will offer expert guidance towards completing the qualification while carrying out workplace observations and evidence gathering to meet the crieria set. 


Suitible candiates will hold a role where they are responsible for the overseeing of Customer Service Operations. This will ensure that you are bith eligible and able to meet the criteria neccesary to compleing the qualification.


In order to achieve the Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Customer Service, learners must complete a minimum of 42 credits from the unit groups.

All units in the mandatory group must be achieved totaling 12 credits. A further 30 credits must be achieved from the optional units by completing a minimum of one unit from each optional group.

Units include:

  • Dealing with Customers face-to-face 
  • Communicating effectively with Customers
  • Processing Customer Infomation
  • Communicating with Customers in writing & electronically
  • Maintaining and developing a healthy and safe Customer Service Environment
  • Planning, Organizing and Controling Customer Service Operations



This qualification is about being able to understand and explain the principles of customer service and the way they can be applied in specific customer service situations.The basic principles influence all aspects of making customer service work and enable the learner to place professional customer practice in the context of their industry sector and their own organisation. Above all, working as a customer service professional involves working with colleagues to develop deeper and broader understanding of customer service language and principles.

Customers are the life blood of any organisation and having somebody in an overseeing role with expert lnowledge of how a customers services team should be run should be considered essential.

If you have any questions regarding this qualification, please contact The Team wbl@alphasafety.co.uk


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