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Our Key Values 

As a business, Alpha Safety Strives to be the best that we can and provide our students with quality teaching in a welcoming learning environment. Our Core Values represent what we aim to achieve as a Business. 






"To be competent or skilled in a particular activity"


Alpha Safety prides its self on delivering professional accredited training to all its students. All our tutors are fully qualified many with years of experience in both in their own field as well as in teaching.






"regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct"


At Alpha, we always try and do what we can to appear respectable to others, from trying our best to deliver catered training courses, doing our part to give to charity or treating our customers with the respect they deserve. We do this because we want to be seen as a company people can be proud to learn and work with.




"The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles"


Alpha Safety is constantly working at being transparent with customers, we aim to make the training process as straight forward and hassle-free as possible, making sure you are well equipped and prepared for your training