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Asbestos Awareness courses have become commonplace in the last decade, mainly due to the amount of asbestos still contained in building across the U.K and the entire world. While asbestos can be safe as long as it is undisturbed, any maintenance work in an area containing asbestos can lead to life-ending problems for the workers in the future.


This course can also be delivered as a EUSR (Energy & Utility Skills Register) accredited programme where required. If you would like more information, please contact us online or call 01792 585868.

Please note: We currently only offer EUSR accredited qualifications as privately run courses.


  • Recognising Asbestos

  • How Asbestos can affect your Health

  • The Added Dangers of Smoking

  • The uses and likely locations for Asbestos in Buildings

  • Relevant Legislation 

  • Procedures to Protect Yourself

  • Necessary Equipment

  • Selection, Use & Maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment

  • Recognising & Dealing with Other Dangers (i.e. working at height)

  • Recontamination

  • Emergency procedures

  • Waste Disposal


This course equip all workers and staff with the knowledge to be mindful of the different types of asbestos and the inherent dangers they pose. There are no prerequisites to join on this course


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