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Auth Body Image NPORS Safe Working at Heights, Harness Safety & Fall Arrest

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Since the implementation of the Working at Heights regulations in 2005, all companies that employ people who may work at heights, have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are aware of the risks that come with such work, and how to manage them.

In most cases where work is required to be carried out at height, the use of a harness will also be required. This is why Alpha have combined the NPORS accredited Working at Heights training programme with their Harness Safety Awareness course, to deliver a one-day training programme that will help to fulfil the requirements of your organisation under health and safety regulation and safeguard employees.

Each member of the workforce required to work at height, should also receive training in how to effectively and safely perform their duties. This course is designed as a safe introduction to working at heights and the common hazards and risks associated with such work. There are no prerequisites to join on this course.


Working at Height

  • Working at Height Regulations (2005)

  • Legal responsibilities involved in working at heights

  • Hazards and statistics from working at heights

  • Assessing Risk and Controlling Measures

  • Reporting Plans

  • Time limits and precautions to take when working at heights

  • PPE Selection

Harness Safety

  • Industry Understanding, Roles & Responsibilities

  • Safe Use of Harness / Fall Arrest Equipment

  • Harness / Fall Arrest Equipment: Identification & Functionality

  • Conducting safety checks in accordance with Manufacturers and Legislative Requirements.

  • Equipment Selection

  • Identify and maintain PPE appropriate for use with Harness / Fall Arrest systems

  • Demonstrating Correct Usage

  • Correctly Fitting/Removal of the Safety Harness / Fall Arrest.

  • End of Work Inspections.

  • Environmental Considerations.

  • Equipment Storage.


Falls from height present one of the greatest risks in the workplace and accidents are rarely minor. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and competence to assess theses risks and implement suitable control measures to minimise them.

Any employers with employees working at height should consider this course essential to minimising organisational risk whilst safeguarding employees from related injuries.


Continuous Assessment


3 Years

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