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The Temporary Works Supervisor training is essential within any organisation regularly involved with temporary works. In line with industry best practice (as per BS5975) any individual tasked with the supervision of temporary works should hold the knowledge delivered as part of this qualification.

The course has been designed by CITB with support from The Temporary Works Forum, CECA, Build UK, HSE and FMB to ensure that the qualification is transferable across industry.

Upon successful completion of the training supervisors understand the need for and duties of a Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS).


There are no formal entry requirements, however, it is recommended that delegates should hold the role, or are due to assume the role of a TWS.


  • The need for and duties of a TWS

  • The roles of others

  • The BS 5975 in respect of the role

  • The importance of the 4C's: communication, coordination, cooperation and competency.

  • The need for risk management.


Temporary Works tends to be a critical operation, in terms of both safety and project continuity. Temporary Works Supervisors hold a key role in the management process explained within BS5975, designed to mitigate and manage the safety risk presented by temporary works. This course, coupled with experience, will go a long way toward developing the competency of TWS's to safely and effectively manage temporary works on projects of varying sizes.


25 Multiple Choice Question Exam


5 Years

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